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Yoga Stories

Maria Chia, 71 yrs old. Been practicing for 8 years.

What inspire you to try yoga?
I have not consulted the doctor for the past 5-6 years except for the annual general health check. The results of the check are in the good range and I am not on any medication. I believe that yoga has helped me to enjoy this good health.

What is the most positive change you notice after you started your yoga practice?
Before I was introduced to yoga, I used to have a very bad running nose in my late fifties, almost on a monthly basis (can use up to 2-3 boxes of tissue per day). This will last for 2-3 days then slowly clear up. The Doctors I consulted attributed this to a very sensitive nose. They could not do much to help except prescribe medication for flu and nasal spray. I decided not to consult them after some time as I felt they could not help me. After practicing yoga for quite a while, I noticed that the episodes were less severe and further apart. I have not had an episode for the past year. I believe yoga has played a large part in the improvement.

What is your favorite pose and why?
Sun salutation- it gives the body a good workout with its bending forward, arching back, stretching, etc.

What is the most difficult part about your practice?
I would say the most difficult part is lack of discipline when practicing on my own. I tend to be distracted after s short while.

What advice would you give to others?
Do not expect instantaneous results, it takes time. You may even not be aware of the benefits.