Nepal Retreat 2015

Nepal Bhutan Yoga Detox + Charity Retreat 2015

May 1st – 11th
Nepal & Bhutan

This is the 1st time we are doing a charity & detox retreat. All thanks to our participants and the other donors, we not only managed to raise the funds to buy them an ambulance but also able to buy them more medical supplies and things for the school. Below photos were some highlights of the ceremony which they had prepared for us to receive our donations which was held in their private boarding school. The other photos are taken at the retreat centre where we did our detox Shankhaprakshalana.

On behalf of the village people from Dhola-2, Pursuk and District: Dhading Nepal, Triplegem Yoga Centre hereby would like to say thank you for your kind generous contributions. And a bigger THANK YOU to our participants who not only contributed money, time and efforts.

Finally the ambulance has arrived after 6 months of waiting.

Hari Om Tat Sat

Updates of the contributions for the purchase of an ambulance for Dhola-2, Pursuk, District: Dhading, Nepal.

Total amount raised


sgd$7900 – Purchase of ambulance for the village.
sgd$4130 – Purchase of stationery & medical supplies for the village.

Raised by 93 people in 6 months.

张明辉$350,    潘妍桦$50,    陈澍英$200,    刘凤英$200,    林忠义$200,    林芷妤$100,    林家敏$100,    黄文贵$100,    黄丽方$100,    杜啟贤$100,    杜康伟$100,    杜达伟$100,    司徒微珍$100,    蓝国玮$100,    邱炳昌$50,    龙汉忠$50,    杨玉萍$50,    萧丽娟$50,    仁能精社$510,    Tan Gek Kim$500,    谢金英$50,    亚花$50,    黄勇豪$50,    Shelly Boey$280,   已故司徒微美 $100,    Peggy Tan$100,    Sally Leong$500,    刘丽琼$20,    吴妙英$20,    潘金英$20,    雅莲$20,    张㕍明$20,    苏丽华$20,    陈翠燕$20,    蔡马良$20,    文英$20,    张健开$10,    吴仲勤$10,    林爱华$30,    潘露良$10,    Eunice Leong$50,    Lew Yen Hoon$100,    Buddist Fellowship$1,000,     司徒微香$20,    Chang Gim Thye$200,    司徒微爱$50,    Lee Family$500,    Ho Family$200,    Elsie Ong$300,    Jenny Ong$50,     Tan Wang Leng$100,    众生$200,    已故莊亚海老先生$100,    Patrick Koh$250,    Elyn Tan$250,    Celine Chia$250,   Alan Cheng$100,    Ang Siew Hong$200,    林明燕$50,    刘南镇$50,    卢运美$100,    陈丽燕$20,    Chow Oi Lin$100,    Alice Chan$50,    Zan Chan$50,    司徒微清$100,    Martin Ong & family$50,    Lim Tiong Eng & wife$200,    Matthias & Noel Lim$100,    Cherrish Seah$50,    Jen Wong$50,    Lena Lee$100,    Christine Lum$250,    Alvin Yong$50,    Rahimah$50,    Aline $100,    Aunty Youlan’s grandchildren $80,    Loh Boon Kheng$20,    Molly Lim$200,    Lee Yuen Yee$60,   王裕美$60,    裕花$50,    裕兴$50, 李月容$50,     梁金花$70,    司徒眉$20,     众生$200,    Ann Neo$50,    Adelyn Lee$50,    Royson Pang$500,    萧丽娟$100,    Jenni$100.